Electric bicycle maintenance methods

Nowadays, electric bicycles have become a necessity for consumers. Electric bicycle transportation has increased. In general, the lifespan of an electric bicycle can be used for tens of years. Some consumers can use an electric bicycle for three or four years while the electric bicycle is still in good condition and the battery is still in good condition. Beautiful exterior and use like a new bike. But some consumers use electric bicycles for less than a year, the life of electric bicycles starts to decrease and start to have minor problems. If you look and maintain well using correct knowledge and understanding It can be able to help extend the life of your car for a long time.
1. The standard electric bicycle design of a load of 75 kg. When the load is too heavy. The battery and motor will work harder and may get damaged faster.

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2. The electric bicycle battery, when stored, must be charged at least once a month. And after use, riding, the battery will need to be fully charged, otherwise it will affect the battery life shorter.
3. When the battery is almost empty, the electric bicycle will shut down the system automatically. But after a short time after the system shuts down, the battery will appear as if the battery is recovering, with a virtual voltage (From energy, electrochemical reactions) It is necessary to charge the battery before storage and before use. Otherwise the battery cell of the electric bicycle will be damaged, the battery will not be able to fix it.
4. The impact on the actual running distance of the bicycle has many factors (such as how often to use brakes Road surface roughness Too low temperature, steep hills, velocity, inflated tires, excessive load)
5. Observe the light indicating the battery level in front of the electric bicycle When switch on, electric bike can ride The battery level signal is available in three colors, red of yellow and green. Green means the electric bike is ready to use. Yellow means the battery runs out in no time. And red means the battery has run out When the signal goes yellow Should stop riding and charge the battery as soon as possible.
6. Should accelerate slowly from 0 ~ 20 km / hour by using an electric bicycle for no less than 10 seconds to make driving smooth. Battery saving speed (Use the least power at the highest speed) the most is in the range of 16 ~ 18 km / hour, the braking distance of about 4 meters, but when it rains, the braking distance will increase.
7. Should check the tire pressure to have Right amount The lower air pressure causes the aluminum rim to press against the inner tube. Can cause the inner tube to leak
8. Try to prevent the electric motor bike from stopping, Visit ezridelv.com for more Details. such as the car falls or goes uphill. If this happens, the rider will get up first. Then pushed through obstacles In order to avoid letting the motor stop turning, it will affect the electric current beyond the capability of the motor battery.
9. Cycling in the rain should ensure that the electric bike has good motor control protection. Because water may cause short-circuit damage Car wash should be careful not to inject the hose directly into various electrical equipment.
10. The bridge is very steep. Running wind speed The battery will distribute high current. Will affect the renewal of the motor and battery If spinning helps preserve the battery life.

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