It’s that time when Epic uncovers the week after week Fortnite difficulties, and it appears the most recent line-up will be exceptionally compelling to the sharpshooters out there. With week by week challenge resets with the expectation of complimentary players and fight pass proprietors, Fortnite’s first birthday festivities and Shark Week all crashing without a moment’s delay, there are a lot of difficulties and rewards on offer for your time on the front line this week. Here’s the means by which to get your focuses and prizes in week 3!

Fortnite Season 3 Free Challenges – Week 3

We should begin with the free difficulties, which as consistently are available to all players. You can procure five stars by managing 500 harm to adversaries and another five stars for utilizing a launchpad. Nothing precarious there. There’s additionally another fortune guide to pursue, this time covered up in Flush Factory, and that will win you 10 stars for finishing.

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Fortunately, it is anything but an especially troublesome chase this time and you don’t have to discover the guide to get to the fortune. The sign is entirely simple to unravel, furnishing you’re acquainted with your Fortnite areas. In case you’re not, we’ll help you out: you’re searching for the slope at the byway in the middle of Salty Springs and Fatal Fields. On the highest point of the slope is a way, with a house and a frozen yogurt truck. There you’ll locate a wooden stage with your prize: a monster Battle Star which flies out when you stroll inside a couple of meters. In the event that you don’t see it quickly continue strolling around the deck until it turns into reality. Appreciate!

Fortnite Season 5 Battle Pass Challenges – Week 3

For those playing with the Season 5 Battle Pass, there are stacks more stars on offer. Looking through seven chests in Fatal Fields will catch you five additional stars, while dispensing with five rivals in the Haunted Hills map territory will get you 10 more. Three ends with dangerous weapons gets you another 10 stars.

There’s constantly a test that sends players hurrying around the guide, searching for explicit spots to perform explicit errands, and this week it’s earth pigeon shooting, or skeet shooting.

Fortnite Season 5 Challenges map

You’ll see one shooting spot close to the south-west corner of Pleasant Park, another close to the north east shore of Loot Lake, and one progressively due north of Tomato Town. The staying two are in the south of the guide, with one on the coast between Shifty Shafts and Flush Factory vbucks free and the last target launcher most of the way along the even parkway running over the southern finish of Paradise Palms. Visit every one of the five and effectively shoot a plate at each, and another five stars will be added to your aggregate. The quick moving saucers make this one precarious, so utilize a shotgun for better chances of something hitting the imprint.

Fortnite Shark Week Skins and ItemsYou’ll likewise have the option to handle every one of these difficulties while moronically dressed, obviously, as Epic is commending that most sacrosanct of every American custom: Shark Week.

On the off chance that you have V-Bucks to extra, at that point you can get the Snorkel Ops outfit for 1,200; the Chomp Jr outfit for 1,500; and a decision of Chomp Sr and Shark Fin for 2,000. There’s additionally another undersea act out – On the Hook – yours for only 500 V-Bucks.

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